Bambú Social shares knowledge and expertise about natural local resources as an alternative to conventional construction methods.
Because bamboo can be social.

We (Sophie, Thomas and Marie-Louise) will strengthen the Bambú Social team and hope to make great progress regarding durable, social housing, by bringing the costs further down.

With the knowledge and experience of the past two years, we will adjust the design so there is less material and less working hours needed for the construction. An affordable, easy-to-build house of good quality that is adaptable to the various needs of the residents, that is our goal.
To do this we need a total amount of 10.000 euro.

Great news! Yesterday we signed the contract of Students 4 Sustainability. This foundation will support the new continuing work of Bambú Social.

Signing contract S4S

Our thanks goes to S4S and all the students who make a monthly donation.
We are still looking for people and organisations who are willing to fund Bambú Social.

Coming soon: Donate directly via the website.