Bambú Social shares knowledge and expertise about natural local resources as an alternative to conventional construction methods.
Because bamboo can be social.

MAIN PARTNER – Incombinación

To be able to amplify the impact and professionalise the continuity of BAMBÚ SOCIAL, we have partnered up with the Dutch based foundation Incombinación. Run by passionate latina originated ladies, ”Incombinación provides learning and intercultural opportunities, empowers solidarity and conscious living, and promotes participation in the development of society”. Together we are heading for an improvement of the social housing condition, starting in, but not limited to Nicaragua.

Are you looking for an experience abroad? Incombinación offers you the opportunity to gain professional experience and explore another part of the world. An international exchange program, such as a course or an internship abroad, is the safest way to experience another country. Furthermore, this program will be a great addition to your CV. We offer personalised programs, which are tailored to your own goals and needs.

The exchange programs offered by Incombinación will be carried out in cooperation with a variety of approved partner organisations both in the Netherlands and abroad. Together, we ensure your experience is safe, fun and, above all, educational.

Spread your wings and broaden your horizon! –