Bambú Social shares knowledge and expertise about natural local resources as an alternative to conventional construction methods.
Because bamboo can be social.

After an outstanding progress last two years, even now the Bambú Social team will continue its’ work by improving the earlier reached milestones. Therefore we would like to announce that the team has been extended by three Bachelor students from the TU Delft. Their aim is to optimise the first design meant as social housing in Nicaragua, El Rama. During the period of August to October they will be working in The Netherlands and during the period of November to January 2016 they will contribute to the project in Nicaragua. Future updates will be posted here on the website.


Please meet:

Sophie Hengeveld – Bachelor Architecture, Bachelor Psychology
Hola! My name is Sophie and, together with Marie-Louise and Thomas, I just joined the Bambú Social team. My passion lies in the social aspect of architecture and design. That is why, apart from architecture, I’m studying psychology. The influence of the built environment on the quality of life is immense and forms the basis of my work.

By joining the Bambú Social team I hope to learn about the living conditions and desires in a culture far from my own, and to contribute to the quality of life in Nicaragua by the exchange of knowledge with local residents.

Thomas Hebbink- Bachelor Architecture
Through the minor International Entrepreneurship & Development I came into contact with Bambú Social. The last couple of years I have worked on various building sites in Holland where I learned and gained lot of experience. With this project I hope to gain more knowledge about different building materials (e.g. bambú) under different building conditions. I am very enthusiastic about being part of this project because I think it can make a real difference for the housing conditions in Nicaragua.

Marie-Louise Greijmans- Bachelor Civil Engineering
I’m very glad to be part of the team who will continue the tremendous achievements of Bambu Social. Last three years I have learned a lot about constructions and improved my management skills during the organization of various (student) activities. Bambu Social 2.0 for me is, not just a next step abroad, but also a challenge to contribute in such a way that my expertise will guide the local people during the development of social housing construction. I hope this transfer ofknowledge would be in both ways and the knowledge must be maintained during the years.

Kind regards,

Marie-Louise Greijmans, Sophie Hengeveld & Thomas Hebbink.

You can contact us during the coming 5 months at