Bambú Social shares knowledge and expertise about natural local resources as an alternative to conventional construction methods.
Because bamboo can be social.

Since August 2015 Bambú Social is not only a project, but also an official foundation, set up by three team-members that wanted to make a long term commitment in developing sustainable alternatives with natural local materials for safe, affordable and dignified social housing: TU Delft Design for Interaction MSc. Student Sylvia Machgeels, TU Delft Architecture student Max Verhoeven and MSc. Juan Carlos Gaviria Moreno. In short our goal is to improve the quality of life by the development and active distribution of sustainable housing with local materials.


Sylvia Machgeels

In short:
Three years ago I already developed special feelings for Nicaragua and the local people, when living there for six months. Though, I would never have imagined that I’d be able to help those people in a way I could never have done alone: to create a community, building towards a more ecological and honest society. Bambú Social made me realize that together we are able to achieve so much more, as long as we’re all passionate about it. I found my passion, and together with many others, we’re trying to make our story reality.

What do you do next to Bambú Social?
I just started my Masters Design for Interaction at the faculty of Industrial Design. Next to my study, I focus on ‘visual thinking’ as a means of helping people or companies to share their stories. I do this by facilitating sessions, where drawings are used as a medium to communicate. As I am doing this now, together with the team of studio Content, we share our story about ecological and mobile houses and try to make them accessible for everyone.

“There are so many people in the world with so much knowledge and experience. Isn’t it beautiful when you can be a part of that, to build that story together and convey to the world.” (Sylvia Machgeels)

Max Verhoeven

In short:
I love a challenge. During my studies I missed a more sustainable and social approach to architecture and I was looking for ways to learn more about an architecture that is in tune with the natural environment and its complicated systems. This journey brought me to amazing places, people and organisations from whom I was able to learn. The experience of Bambú Social made me realise how fulfilling and enriching it is to be able to put your skills to use for ‘the other 99%’ and that this project was only the beginning of making a contribution to the the development towards a more ecological and social conscious world.

What do you do next to Bambú Social?
I am currently working in New Delhi for an architect called Anne Feenstra, after which I will probably return to Delft to finish a Masters in Architecture. At the faculty I organise lectures and workshops to promote the use of (local) natural materials in construction, together with three other dedicated students. Next to that I write and am responsible for the lay out of the magazine pantheon// and ambassador for Architecture in Development 

“Only by working together with the resourceful local community to develop sustainable solutions, we believe the community can become more sel-sufficient – independent of centralised systems.” (Max Verhoeven)

Juan Carlos Gaviria Moreno

In short:
It was a gift from life have been able to get to know two very different cultures as an immigrant from Colombia to the Netherlands. I believe that people from different cultures, backgrounds, education levels and beliefs can achieve greater results in any area if they work together. This belief was proven in the construction and education project bamboo social. the combined work of international volunteers, local organizations, NGO’s and people who did not seem to have anything in common, a model house of bamboo was realized which can be used as example to make cheap and qualitative Social Housing in places where bamboo is present.

What do you do next to Bambú Social?
I work as a project coordinator for the foundation Incombinación in the Netherlands. Together with the team of ‘Natuurlijk bouwen kun je ook’ and with guidance of TU teachers we are making a project plan for the realisation of a multidisciplinary course at the TU Delft in favour of the use of natural, local materials in construction. Finally, I’m looking for a challenging work in the area of project management of construction projects.

“We strive to keep Bambú Social up and running for the long term, by a dedicated (changing) team and a large network, exactly there where is needed.” (Juan Carlos Gaviria Moreno)