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Because bamboo can be social.

Bamboo in Bum

By Marijn van Grunsven

One month into the project and things are starting to finally look a bit better. The original plan, to treat bamboo in the community of El Naranjal, had to be revised when the security situation appeared too unstable to work due to an ongoing land conflict in the area. This meant the freshly cut bamboo culms were made into rafts and we actually paddled down the Rio Coco to Waspam. Arrived in Waspam we thought we encountered an adequate tank to treat the bamboo, but after several reparations it continued to leak. Time for plan C: reuse a boat with the right size to contain sixty bamboos. Although it is a time consuming task to cover the boat with plastic and tying it up properly, it seems to be functioning fine. The first batch is currently drying and the second batch has now been submerged in the boat. We hope all the hassle hasn’t affected the treatment, and that all bamboo will be ready to use in construction upon completion.


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*In the small river town BUM in Nicaragua, a bamboo school kitchen is currently being build with the foundation Stichting Samenscholen. To get to now more about the project, click here.